Encyclopedia: Progression
Your rank on Nyx-labs.com indicates how long and how much you participate in the community over time. The more you participate, the further you go up in the ranks. Participation includes writing posts and comments, and actions like accepting solutions and hyping content.
Your rank is displayed under your name on your profile, and in other places when you interact with the community along the river. Members may have multiple classes and disciplines that they can “level up” in.

Some examples of ranks and disciplines on Nyx-Labs.com:



5 Requirements

  • Abundantly experienced
  • Sorcerer Supreme
  • Are you not entertained?
  • Raise the river levels
  • Coveted Content

5 Requirements

  • Explore the River Styx
  • Create several currents.
  • Magical being.
  • Decorated Soul.
  • Channel Mana

4 Requirements

  • Explore the River Styx
  • Can anybody hear me?
  • Add to the river
  • Visit the lonely tree



6 Requirements

  • A century of creativity
  • A tale for the ages
  • A quest for wisdom
  • A masterpiece for the river
  • A life well lived
  • A being of pure magic


5 Requirements

  • Create many currents
  • Storysmith
  • Urge to Hoard
  • Memories of the River
  • Chaotic magic flow
Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon

4 Requirements



5 Requirements

  • Stake your Spirit
  • Experiment with Transmutation
  • Channel Mana
  • Practice resource transfers by sending another Soul 50 Mana
  • The beginnings of an Inventory


River Idol

6 Requirements

  • Reach across the internet
  • Mountains of Fanmail
  • Say my name
  • I am the voice in the Darkness...
  • ...and this is my Pingdom
  • Channel vast amounts of Mana

Local Hero

5 Requirements

  • Host a grand event
  • Steady Correspondance
  • Power poster
  • Certified Soul Profile
  • Light me up!


4 Requirements

  • Out of the shadows
  • Opinionated
  • Soul Approval
  • Tavern Regular

Here’s a breakdown of the logic:


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