Version 0.9.8







A big update this time!
This version of Styx sees additions, changes, fixes and tweaks to virtually every aspect of the site.
Go explore!
Perhaps most vitally, loading speed and database responses have been improved across the board. You should be able to explore the river Styx a lot smoother now! Still a far cry from where we want to get in terms of performance, but miles better than before.
Unfortunately a large part of the user database had to be wiped in order to enact some of the changes.Members that have already posted content to the blockchain had their accounts and content preserved!
Please do recreate your accounts!
All previous early adopters and beta testers shall receive luscious bonuses!
If you have questions, more information (and a friendly community( is available in our Discord channel.
The next updates will see the launch of our NFT Mint, Curation and Gallery systems. Big things ahead!
As per usual,
I’ll do my best not to blow anything up.
¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯
A big thank you goes out to all Beta Testers and community members. Soon the flood gates shall open 🙂
Much love,

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We're an emerging blockchain content creation platform, NFT Mint, technology community and software studio from Vienna.
Our main project is called STYX!
Carpe noctem >>> seize the night!

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